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All about Customer Experience

Welcome to my blog.

What is it about? It's about love, as always! More precisely, it is about the love for the customer, guest or client- Customer love is boundless, if you want it too.

Customer love is in the air!

Have you made up your mind? Decided for the customer and the central role he should play in every company!

For his needs and sensitivities, for his worries and needs, but also for his emotions and feelings.

Is it love? I'd say yes. Do you chose your client too.

"We have no choice but to get involved again and again without limits - with every customer! Because we are not here just to get by, we want to touch customers hearts and inspire them. "

Why did I decide to start the blog? Because I want to share the love for the client and also this journey with all the episodes, ups and downs and all the stories from the entrepreneurial side, from the consultant's point of view and from the client's perspective. There are countless wonderful moments that I experience in my work and I can't describe better how important this rethinking towards "Customer Centricity" is. "

Questions like:

How do I get a company and its employees to think CX?

What does the corporate vision have to do with it?

Is customer service as a department still relevant?

How do you create WOW customer experiences?

How do I deal with complaints?

How important is feedback for new products?

Is it possible to measure the added value of CX?

How do I successfully establish a customer service mindset in my team?

How long does a process change or optimization take?

How do I recognize my customers' emotions, how do I catch them?

Why is the customer experience so important, especially in the digital age? Keyword Mobile Experience.

How do I design a VIP customer experience?

What are best practices from the luxury hotel industry in terms of CX and service excellence and to what extent are they transferable to other industries?

And, and, and.....will be answered.

And now once again to the love theme

What exactly does "customer love" mean? "Love" in itself is hard to define. Ask 10 different people and you will get 10 different answers. But there are cornerstones.

Many would agree that communication, openness and caring about the other are key factors of any love relationship. In fact, they should be central to any customer concept, whether or not the word "love" is in the name. The heart must beat and it must beat for the customer. Decide to love your customer, because that is the most important point for all further steps in successfully working with them.


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