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Peggy Amelung Experience Engineer & Founder

Talent, knowledge and will - this combination is my competence. This is how I make your customers happy.

When Francis Ford Coppola wanted to open his luxury hotel Palazzo Margherita in southern Italy with a perfect staging of the guest experience, he engaged Amelung & Partners. Peggy Amelung, founder of Amelung & Partners, who not only knows and masters the art of customer experience, but lives it. 

New York, Milan, Barcelona, Regent Hotels, Ritz Carlton, BVLGARI Hotels & Resorts - these names do not stand for Peggy's holiday destinations, but for the places where she has gathered and implemented her international experience in hotel management in leading positions over the last 15 years. These chapters of her career bear witness to a path characterised by success, innovation and a deep passion for exceptional customer experiences. Peggy has not only led teams, but has also been instrumental in redefining standards in the industry.


Since 2013, Peggy Amelung has been leading companies from all industries on the path to excellence in customer experience with Amelung & Partners. As a visionary, trainer, business and life trust coach©, she shares her unrivalled insights and proven methods, ground-breaking trends and defining customer experiences in her podcast "CX TUNING HACKS". Peggy knows how to ignite true customer loyalty from the inside out - from the heartbeat of the organisation to the values lived by each team member. Your customers will feel it. 

With a combination of strategic vision, charismatic leadership and a relentless pursuit of excellence and connection on a human level, Peggy Amelung has ushered in a new era of customer engagement. Together with her team, she transforms every encounter with the brand into an unforgettable moment, laying the foundation for lifelong customer loyalty and a customer mindset for everyone in the organisation.  By working with Peggy Amelung & Partners, you secure your company's future and become a love brand.

In her role as a sought-after speaker, Peggy Amelung inspires and motivates managers and teams to think outside the box and utilise the power of authentic customer experiences to not only survive, but to inspire for a lifetime.

Peggy Amelung is a member ofGSA (German Speakers Association). 


Service is dynamic and requires above all empathy.


The Service

must match the brand. 

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