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Peggy Amelung Experience Engineer & Founder

Talent, knowledge and will - this combination is my competence. This is how I make your customers happy.


When Francis Ford Coppola wanted to open his luxury hotel Palazzo Margherita in southern Italy with a perfect staging of the guest experience, he hired Amelung & Partners. 

She stands for the EQ of Customer Experience Excellence - the creation of natural, long-lasting emotional connections between people, companies, brands and their customers.
She guides you through the process of optimizing the customer experience using the CX tuning principle. Step by step, together with the employees and for your customers, we create unforgettable customer experiences by creating emotional experiences, human connections and service excellence. The brand becomes a part of your customers' lives.  A love brand for life is created.

With 15 years of international experience in hotel management, for example: Regent Hotels, Ritz Carlton Hotels & Resorts (USA), Bulgari Hotels & Resort (ITALY), Amelung & Partners has well-founded know-how from the service industry. 

Since 2013   Peggy Amelung has been successfully advising glamorous hotels as the founder of Amelung & Partners, as well as medium-sized and family-run companies in various sectors. She supports them in the implementation of their goals in the customer service area.  

Fluent in languages (fluent in German, English, Spanish and Italian) and multicultural, she looks after customers in Spain, Germany, Switzerland and Italy. With creativity and persistence, but also with your sense of humor and your passion, she implements new service strategies and concepts tailored to your customers and their teams. 

Her expertise and her lively way of presenting make Peggy Amelung a sought-after speaker and moderator at congresses,  company events and universities: e.g. ESADE Barcelona, UNWTO Euro-Mountain Tourism Conference, Top-Speaker, Andorra.


Peggy Amelung is a member ofGSA (German Speakers Association). 


Service is dynamic and requires above all empathy.


The Service

must match the brand. 

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