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Keynote speeches

Make more out of an encounter live or digital



Peggy Amelung brings service aspects to life, puts "customer glasses" on entrepreneurs and employees and gives impulses for a permanent development and change process. With fresh ideas, unusual methods and an equally charming and stirring presentation style, Peggy Amelung succeed in enthusing the audience for the royal discipline of customer service and thus helps to establish a new service quality and sales motivation. 


She adapts the contents and messages of her lectures to the individual requests of the companies. 

The presentations can be combined with a subsequent round of questions or with workshops, seminars and training sessions - to suit the occasion and aim of the event. 



The length of the presentations can vary between 30, 60 or 90 minutes, depending on the customer's wishes. All lectures can be held in German, Spanish, Italian or English.



Hospitality Culture 



on customer course


Current keynote:

Communication with customers - you will not get anywhere objectively in times of crisis

Would you like to gather some impressions first? Click here for my videos.

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