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"With personality through the AI era: People at the centre of customer enthusiasm"


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This talk is aimed at business owners and executives who want to recognise the unique opportunities that arise from intelligently integrating AI into their customer relationship strategies without losing sight of what matters most: people. With more than two decades of experience in the industry, Peggy reinforces the thesis that true customer delight in a world of algorithms and automation can only be achieved by empowering the human elements - through authenticity, empathy and the distinctive personality of each brand.

Learn how the uniqueness of your people and the well-defined personality of your brand can not only survive, but thrive in a technology-driven world. This presentation offers concrete strategies to foster a culture of customer delight that goes far beyond traditional customer satisfaction. Get ready for an inspiring journey that shows that the human touch is always at the core of success.


Your takeaway

Participants at this event will be encouraged to explore the importance of their own brand personality and understand how they can create a memorable customer experience by consciously shaping and nurturing that identity. Discover how you can harness the power of AI to enrich your brand without losing the personal touch that your customers value and love.

Be inspired by how you can harmoniously combine technology and personality with real-world examples to not only succeed in the digital future, but also create a deep, emotional resonance with your customers. Learn with Peggy Amelung how your brand can not only survive, but truly thrive with personality in the age of artificial intelligence.


Peggy Amelung, as an experienced expert coming from Luxury Brands, brings the customer experience to life. She puts the "customer glasses" on entrepreneurs and employees and provides impetus for a permanent development and change process. With fresh ideas, unusual methods and a presentation style that is as charming as it is captivating, Peggy Amelung succeeds in inspiring the audience for the supreme discipline of customer experience - and thus contributing to long-term customer loyalty, service quality and sales motivation.

She tailors the content and messages of her presentations to the company's individual issues. The presentations can be combined with a subsequent Q&A session or with workshops, seminars and training sessions - depending on the occasion and objectives of the event.

Your choice

The length of the presentations varies between 30, 60 or 90 minutes, depending on the client's wishes.

All presentations can be held in German, English, Spanish or Italian from her as a multi-lingual speaker.





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Current keynote:

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