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Customer Experience Design


As the basis for any improvement, Mystery Checks reveal blind spots and gaps between promised performance and the actual customer experience. An anonymous visit which tests all aspects of an operation will reveal the competence of your team.  


360 º Degree Mystery Check: an in-depth analysis of emotional connectivity's customer touchpoints, problem-solving expertise, communication, service delivery and adherence to standards, VIP services, ambiance and set-ups, the value of customer experience


Result: A detailed experience report, checklists, graphic evaluation, photos and video material with evaluations


Tuning Customer Experience: Clear recommendations for steps required to improve the customer experience from the point of view of the 5 * premium hotel professional - The concrete tuning effect! 


Tuning list: Recommendations after an express site visit with pictures and reviews


Mystery Visits and Tuning Lists 

Roter Faden

This way your customers become regular customers. Mobilize the capital of your employees and make the customer the center of all operational processes. Develop a guideline for action. 


The MAP: Standard Manual for Success - New Customer Service Philosophy 


Fields of action of the customer experience: Practical examples from the luxury hotel industry illustrates for your industry, new standards and processes simply applicable


Practical for understanding the customer: Consulting practically oriented, hands-on coaching 1:1 for managers and employees, learning from real case studies



Comprehensive consulting in all operational questions including the creation of The Map and coaching

  + Interactive seminars for the implementation of new content on CX and XM,

  + Customer satisfaction through tailor-made SOP's

  + Implementation of your XM projects

The red thread to customer enthusiasm


With Experience Management solutions, you can exceed the expectations of your customers and iinstill in them a desire to return. Every product experience influences the purchase decision and impacts the customer's opinion of your brand.


Understanding customers: Understanding customers and learning to decipher feelings, giving meaning to every customer interaction, proactively building relationships, actively using customer feedback. 


Designing the Experience: Implementing innovative concepts, an approach to service delivery with focus on interaction of staff and customer, foster teamwork for an excellent customer experience


Individuality: Recognising and meeting customer needs is standard today - reaching employees commitment at all levels that creates their desire to go the Extra Mile for your customers


Our approach is hands-on and focus on fostering team work throughout all levels of an organization.  

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