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Training and Coaching

How your highly motivated and committed team goes the extra mile for every customer and keeps them loyal to your company. 


It's not just about facts, it's about emotions. The question: "What do I offer?" is no longer the determination factor that determines the experience a customer will have.

We show you the way to achieving:


  • Customer -centric systems for exeptional service delivery

  • A corporate culture that places customer service first.


Take your employees on board!


Amelung & Partners guarantees success by providing customer experience mind-sets with practical hands-on training, dynamic dialogues, and agile learning methods. 


Training, seminars, and workshops are developed for the companies and the respective participants. All training can be held in German, Spanish, Italian or English.



make the product



Customer Loyalty
the supreme priority



Happy Customers
are the key
for Cross- and Upsellling

The length of the workout is variable. The level of detail is adjusted according to the objectives and framework conditions. The duration ranges from half a day, for example in individual areas of hotels, to a three-day "Customer Satisfaction Camp" in an attractive "off-site location".


It would be best if you contacted me directly in order to develop the right program for you.

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