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Details make the product


Details are the be-all and end-all when it comes to the difference between average  and excellence. 

THE Experience: What matters to the customer? When do we create meaningful experiences for the customer? What role does the employee play as a customer ambassador? What is a Signature Experience? 


Product vs. experience: What is important in today's markerplace? How can the attention of employees be better focused on details? How can a company actively involve customers in the design of new concepts? 


Standards or individuality: How individual can service be? How do you efficiently deal  with complaints?


Happy Customers are the key for cross and upselling 


Satisfied customers buy more and buy more often if they trust us. Develop and successfully implement sales-increasing measures that wil differentiate you from competitors.


The offer analysis : Who are we and what do we offer? How can we leverage our relationships ?  S, M, or XL - Is the price decisive? 


Customer barometer: Who is my customer and what is the customer's need? Is the customer satisfied or is your oranization missing opportunities?  What role do anticipation and the surprise effect play in sales?  


Cross and Upselling: Where are the differences? Do I communicate effectively with the customer? Do I interpret buying signals correctly?  Practical examples with role play from the Customer Journey

Customer loyalty becomes the supreme priority 

Cross Sell

Customers have never been easier to see which companies offer outstanding experiences and which don't.   Only those who focus on outstanding customer experiences stand out from the crowd.


Personalized service: Guest Service Departments - or rather a dutie for everyone?  Why all employees are critical and must possess a proactive customer driven service mind set.


Significance of comments on Social Media: Once the customer is gone, it is usually too late - how to avoid negative comments, identify customer problems early, and find suitable solutions 


The digital age: How to capitalize on new data to respond more individually and efficiently to customers. 

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