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Optimism in times of crisis

After rain comes the sun. First liberations during the lockdown, we can expect more from the beginning of May. However, it caused immense frustration in the retail, tourism, and hotel industry. Why optimism and positive thinking help us see opportunities.


We all find it difficult. Curfew, contact ban, business closures, financial emergencies, crisis management. How much longer? Nobody knows. There is no concrete date.

Apart from the retail trade, the tourism and hotel industries are being hit particularly hard. A ban on crossing borders for holiday. Europe-wide until at least the beginning of May, applies for all countries, with minor deviations. What we can expect in summer '20 is uncertain. Practically overnight, Covid19 has paralyzed an entire industry and related sectors and forced everyone to a complete standstill. Airports resemble ghost halls, restaurants will remain closed until further notice, 50% of all hotels are closed, bars, beach and beer gardens are closed. Unjustified? Unfair? Overstretched?

Political regulations, new: based on findings of virologists in Covid19 times are currently determining our lives. Not compared to years past, it's the new normality whether it's Spain, Italy or Germany. All over Europe, similar regulations apply.

In 2019 alone, France (90.2), Spain (83.7), Italy (64.7) and Germany (39.7) had a total of 278,3 2Million international visitors. In 2020, we cannot count on these visitors, or only to a lesser extent, if at all* - provided that the machine starts up again.

And as a friend, operator of a Masia in the Penedés, Catalonia, just texted me: "We are all hit - left, right and in the middle. We're all in the same boat."

What helps now? How do we get ahead? And above all, how can we prepare for a new time after Corona? In my opinion, one of the most important cornerstones is the inner attitude and the perspective with which we must approach new tasks now. An optimistic attitude is required. Seeing light at the end of the tunnel, allowing creativity or real ideas to emerge, exploring possibilities and working together with employees to reach the new stage. Being prepared now means opening the doors mentally as well, instead of remaining in a state of shock. Depression, anxiety and negativity are the biggest stumbling blocks in the reinvention process. Giving in to time speculations and gloomy prospects, again and again, does not help at all. It paralyzes, it transfigures and does not take us one step further.

For clear, analytical steps we need positive thinking. A new future is at stake. If there is one thing that we Europeans can really learn from the Americans and Asians in terms of motivation and innovation, it is unbroken optimism and the constant drive for innovation. This is precisely what has led to the success of the platform economy model in recent years.

It seems to me that this is particularly important right now: Showing and sharing genuine optimism in order to pursue innovative paths despite the crisis, meeting employees and customers openly at eye level.

In difficult times, the motto is :

  • Think and communicate optimistically

  • Showing openness to innovation across the board

  • Awake exploring and implementing opportunities

Whether as an entrepreneur, manager or operator of any business or of tourism business, it will help us to get through these hard and uncertain times together.

Do you need an exchange, fuel for thoughts and new steps, impulses for solutions?

Please contact me via or via Whats App 0034663686811. Stay healthy!

* Quelle/ Statista 2020UNWTO

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