Open eyes!

Start with optimized processes and

with the right customer mindset into digitization and

achieve the highest customer ratings .



Learn how to be your favorite company and brand in times of change

become synonymous with your industry.

  • Efficient management of customer ratings on all relevant platforms   NOW ensures you sustainably loyal customers for 2021 and the time after the pandemic.

  • Become the favorite market of your customers : With a clear analysis you know exactly the current customer needs and create customer- relevant offers . This is how you get out of the comparison with other providers.

  • Customer concepts are successfully implemented so that enthusiastic customers are happy to give top marks.

  • The highest quality of service, immediately noticeable to the customer and thus ensures high rankings in review portals !

  • You inspire your customers along the customer journey by effectively coordinating your digital and analog processes and your team thinking and acting in a customer-oriented manner.  

Jetzt anfragen und Ihren Tripartita Bonus wertvoll einsetzten. 

Even if you think we have other problems during the pandemic.


It's not the first time I've heard this.

Liquidity studies are important. But don't do the math without your customers and guests.

I've seen it often: measures are only taken when customers stay away, the evaluation pyramid turns and no more orders come in.

Waiting before you worry about what your customers think is the wrong tactic.

As soon as you seriously think about your customers, concepts are also consistently implemented, the tide turns.

You may have just invested in sales training, but remember:

Your satisfied customers are the best sellers,

that you have.

Successful entrepreneurs rely on sparring partners.
That brings results, saves you time and money.
Why you can trust Peggy Amelung:
Management positions in the premium hotel industry including Ritz Carlton Hotels & Resorts, Bulgari Hotels & Resorts, Regent Hotels and
Francis Ford Coppola Hotels & Resorts
Multicultural mind set - experienced in USA, Italy, Switzerland,
Germany and Spain alive -
Fluent in four languages
Customer Experience Expert
in tuning for the perfect customer experience
More than 2000 processes & standards created - across Europe
Rankings improved up to 100 positions
From 5 star resorts to family-run companies - it's all about a lived customer mindset
Enthusiastic customer voices

Europe's best-known sales trainer. Watch the video to the end:

Enthusiastic customers praise you -
You are getting positive feedback!
What is your coaching like?
Tuning list
  •   Creation of the tuning list evaluation analysis

  • Website analysis

  • Analysis of the social media comments

  • Mystery Test Basic via telephone test and online contact


Tuning list +
Standards and processes
  •   Creation of the tuning list evaluation analysis

  • Strategic alignment with the management team, initial analysis of processes and standards

  • Online coaching / advice for entrepreneurs and managing directors

  • Creation of lean processes in the operational area

  • Online coaching / advice in all operational areas for your department heads with the new standard

  • NEW DIGITAL - Crisis-related brainstorming sessions in the team - The ideas booster!

  • SOFORT- DIGITAL checklists for Corona-adapted processes for quality assurance

  • NEW DIGITAL crisis communication model - How to reach your customers


Mystery Check +
Standards and processes +
Consulting +
  •   Creation of the tuning list evaluation analysis

  • Strategic alignment with the management team, analysis of processes and standards

  • Online coaching / advice for entrepreneurs and managing directors

  • Online coaching / advice in all operational areas for your department heads

  • Innovative solutions for existing and new concepts - adapt and rethink together

  • Upgrade your service offer - WOW customer experiences used to be a "nice to have" - ​​today they are a "must"

  • NEW - Crisis-related brainstorming sessions in the team - The idea booster!

  • SOFORT checklists for Corona-adapted processes for quality assurance

  • NEW crisis communication model - this is how you reach your customers

EXTRA: LECTURE "Authentic communication - you will not get any further in a crisis."

  • Weekly life coaching session with the DIGITAL team

  • Follow up the implementation

  • Q&A for apprentices in the company


Your advantages
Use the time NOW.
The time after Corona will come.
The battle for the customer has already begun


You save time because you can act faster. You can target and solve your problems in a targeted manner instead of repeating them over and over again. The exchange with an experienced advisor will help you with important and complex decisions.


Secure long-term profit, as standards and processes on a new level guarantee more effective work. In this way, you create space for more personal customer service and inspire your customers in the long term. They become loyal customers.


More sales through your new digital products, despite limited capacity utilization on site. Combining your products and services with a successful strategy implemented digitally is the right way for you.


Enthusiastic customers become your multipliers. Satisfied customers pass on good customer experiences. Especially now in the crisis, innovative concepts and creative services come up trumps. Customers at the center of corporate culture now even more so.


More sales from customers who trust you. Right now it is important to catch your customers, to reach them, and to communicate with you. They stay loyal, buy, and book only with you!


You not only save costs but also gain security if you use your employees effectively. In-depth analysis of the customer journey, a new communication module, and adapted processes with checklists create clarity about the framework that you and your employees need now.


Get in touch with us and successfully master the crisis.

Trusted, experienced & together through a crisis

I developed the brainstorming and coaching module in this time of crisis because:


I want to help entrepreneurs to get their company back on its feet as well as possible and crisis-proof.

In the last few weeks, I have noticed that even experienced entrepreneurs need support. They hesitate, are exhausted, and are looking for orientation in the problem cloud.


As an entrepreneur, you should earn money again quickly, your team should establish contact with new customers without forgetting the existing customers.

Finding the best solutions for the company in coaching as a sparring partner and confidante is my top priority.


Your employees need support and clarity. An extra point that you as an entrepreneur are sure to be particularly interested in; Motivating each individual and using them effectively is one of our core tasks and strengths. We are hands-on with the team, also in our digital coaching.


A strong customer-oriented mindset is much more effective than just Excel tables and PowerPoint templates. Your employees will put their corporate vision into practice with customers. It's all about this.

What is the process for a strategy meeting?


Please fill out the form so that we can understand you and your challenges.

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Information about telephone numbers and email addresses.


In a free half-hour consultation , we will surely find initial solutions for you and your situation. We conduct the consultation personally and directly as an online meeting .



On the basis of this advice, we will then make you a tailor-made offer that can really solve your challenges and match your needs by 100 %.