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For more sales
With optimized processes and
start digitization with the right customer mindset and such
achieve maximum customer loyalty .


We support you as you become the favorite brand of your customers in times of change

and become synonymous with your industry.

  • Efficient management of customer ratings on all relevant platforms   NOW ensures you sustainably loyal customers for 2021 and the time after the pandemic.

  • Become the favorite market of your customers : With a clear analysis you know exactly the current customer needs and create customer- relevant offers . This is how you get out of the comparison with other providers.

  • Customer concepts are successfully implemented so that enthusiastic customers are happy to give top marks.

  • The highest quality of service, immediately noticeable to the customer and thus ensures high rankings in review portals !

  • You inspire your customers along the customer journey by effectively coordinating your digital and analog processes and your team thinking and acting in a customer-oriented manner.  

Inquire now and use your Tripartita Bonus valuable.

We tune customer experience

Improved customer loyalty for your sales increase

Strategies for building long-term customers who are loyal and buy from you regularly

Does excellent customer satisfaction make a difference?

Naturally. Today our expectations are measured against companies like Amazon, Apple and Co.

  1. The purchase is very convenient . You can order 24/7 from anywhere in the world with one click.

  2. The delivery options are tailored to the customer . You can easily order them all. With a prime option also within 24 hours.

  3. The top ratings of satisfied customers convince others .

  4. The customer service is like a 5 star hotel . You speak to a person on the phone quickly, efficiently and in a solution-oriented manner.

  5. The excellent complaint management . Complaints are handled professionally in an uncomplicated manner.

What's the benefit?

You build trust with your customers. They don't want to buy anywhere else because they know you understand them and always treat them well.


The positive, emotional experiences that your customers have with your products and your service make the difference.

This is how you proactively prevent your customers from migrating to the competition .

This allows you to exploit cross- and upselling opportunities in a targeted manner.

Then invest in new customers and convince them with unique customer experiences along your customer journey. Recognize your customer lifetime value and continuously increase it.

Peggy Amelung is the founder and managing director of Amelung & Partners. For years it has shown self-employed people, entrepreneurs, managing directors and their employees with customer contact how they can build up loyal regular customers over the long term.
Why you Peggy Amelung
can trust: 

We tune customer experience

Management positions in the premium hotel industry including Ritz Carlton Hotels & Resorts, Bulgari Hotels & Resorts, Regent Hotels and
Francis Ford Coppola Hotels & Resorts
Multicultural mind set - experienced in USA, Italy, Switzerland,
Germany and Spain alive -
Fluent in four languages
Customer Experience Expert
in tuning for the perfect customer experience
More than 2000 processes & standards created - across Europe
Rankings improved up to 100 positions
From 5 star resorts to family-run companies - it's all about a lived customer mindset

Why your customers have not stayed with you so far 

You think your customers are switching because the price is too high. The problem is different. You are switching because your needs have not been addressed. 


You can also retain your customers in the long term if your competition is 20% cheaper.


These 2 beliefs are currently really preventing you from permanently getting a loyal 

Building regular customers:

#1: "I have to keep coming up with new offers and incentives." 

You are not wrong. We humans always want something new. But we are also creatures of habit. That’s why customers tend to stay for years when you combine these two “sets of hearts”. You need a system for that. So that new incentives, additional and follow-up purchases can take place automatically and without your active involvement. 

#2: “My offer doesn't fit.” 

It's not your product. But in your communication. You just don't know what your customer wants. Otherwise you wouldn't know the best way to surprise your customers.  This is how you can turn them into loyal customers and become their favorite brand. 


This effort is much less than acquiring new customers. I'll show you how. 

6 Reasons of losing clients

Customer journey

360 degree analysis from the customer's point of view

Customer experience


WOW moments in the age of digitization


Measurable growth through integrated customer thinking

Familiar, experienced  & together through crisis 

I developed customer experience and customer satisfaction module in this time of crisis because:

I want to help entrepreneurs to get their company back on its feet in the best possible and crisis-proof way. 

In the last few weeks I have noticed that even experienced entrepreneurs need support. They hesitate, are exhausted and look for orientation in the problem cloud. 

As an entrepreneur, you should earn money again quickly, your team should establish contact with new customers, without forgetting the existing customers.  

My top priority is to find the best solutions for the company in coaching as a sparring partner and confidante.


Your employees need structure and clarity. An extra point that will certainly interest you as an entrepreneur; Motivating each individual and deploying them effectively,  is one of our core tasks and strengths. We are hands-on with the team, also in our digital coaching sessions. 

A strong customer-centric mindset is much more effective than just Excel spreadsheets and Power Point templates. Your employees will implement their corporate vision so vividly with the customer. That's what it's all about. 

We tune customer experience

Enthusiastic customer testimonials

Europe's best-known sales trainer. Watch the video to the end:

Your advantages 
You save time because you can act faster.You can target and solve your problems instead of repeating them over and over again. The exchange with an experienced consultant will help you with important and complex decisions.

Secure long-term profit, thenstandards and processeson a new levelguarantee more effective work. In this way you create space for more personal customer care and inspire your customers in the long term. They become loyal customers.

More sales through your new digital products, despite limited occupancy on site. The combination of your products and services with asuccessful, digitally implemented strategyis the right path for you.

Enthusiastic customers become your multipliers.Happy customers pass on good customer experiences. Especially now in the crisistrump innovative concepts and creative serviceson. The customer is now even more at the center of the corporate culture.

More sales from customers who trust you.Right now it is important to catch your customers, to reach them and to communicate with you. They remain loyal to you, buy and book only from you!Become a Love Brand!

Not only do you save costs, you also gain security,if you use your employees effectively. Onein-depth analysis of the customer journey,a new communication module and adapted processes with checklists create clarity about the framework conditions that you and your employees now need.

Get in touch with us and successfully master the transformation.


Inquire now and use your Tripartita Bonus valuable. (For Spanish customers)

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