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Why swimming in cold water not only makes you physically fit but also strengthens your mind

A personal challenge, to swim every day for 30 days, has now become my daily routine. I will give you proof that it is not that difficult to swim in 10 degrees of water temperature and how it helps to leave comfort zones.


Does it cost overcoming? And how! It is the routine that is missing. It is a tour de force to climb directly from a warm bed into the cold, wet water at dawn. How crazy do you have to be? The inside rebels, as with all changes. September had many sunny days. But it was cold. But I was convinced I would go through with it. Or not?

Is it a cold shock? Yes, it is. But after that comes clarity. You feel incredibly clear. Mentally. While you swim, you concentrate on your body in the first part. And later, in the second part, when you're warm on your thoughts. After you have completed the 300-400m (I don't swim more, but you can stay in the water for up to 25 minutes) you are sorted mentally. And awake! Important, warm-up well warmed up before you slowly get into the water. Please do not jump!

"I don't want to miss it anymore. It is the absolute kick - better than any coffee!"

What happens at 10 degrees Celsius water temperature? The water is crisp and cold, but the body gets used to it. It is best to wet your face at the beginning before you go in. After 200m swimming you will get warm. The blood circulation is stimulated by the cold. The blood pumps, the veins dilate. This was a completely new experience. You can feel it intensively. A process that continues even after swimming. Favorable side effect: according to science, the body burns even extremely many calories during this arming process.

What is the difference in experiences from the first day to the current seventieth day? For one thing, a temperature difference of 11 degrees Celsius. And for another, I don't cramp up anymore. In the beginning, I had severe muscle tension. The muscles hurt, especially in the shoulder area. I was nervous and swam much too hectic. I wanted to do it quickly, just get out. After a few days, I learned to enjoy the cold water and to stay loose. I got involved in my own experiment, consciously relaxed. And what can I say: it blew away the muscle pain.



If you can't swim in the pool or lake, start with long, cold showers - 2 min - 30 days could be a start or your new challenge :)

  • Have your bathrobe ready, go well warmed up into the water

  • Don't do a show- header please - in this case, you need a warm head!

  • Medical OK is recommended

  • Check Events in the surroundings - so you don't swim alone / see left below

  • Do not stay in cold water for extremely long, it does not matter

  • Mental training through "Challenges - out of the comfort zone" again and again strengthens your personality, gives self-confidence, and makes life more exciting