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Wasted potential: why Valentine's Day pays dividends on branding, sales, and customer loyalty

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Love hype or real feelings? Where does your brand stand and how do you get in touch with customers? Valentine's Day from a Customer Experience perspective.

Love reaches us all. And plays a role. And if we're honest, first fiddle.

That's why I tell you to take up the topic of Valentine's Day as a marketing theme as well.

Borrow the story for your business too, you'll be doing your customers and guests a favor. Because, especially now in the pandemic, the nerves are often blank.

People need a change in the gray of the winter months. They hope for the spring, more love, good news, thus and: an outlook on good feelings. Combine commerce with heart.

“Valentine’s Day is a special occasion for many Americans, even more so as we navigate out of the pandemic, and retailers are prepared to help them mark the holiday in a memorable and meaningful way.”

NRF-Präsident und CEO Matthew Shay


Tangible marketing value: extremely high! In the US alone Americans spend $23.9 billion per year around Valentine's Day for gifts and experiences.

You'll reach your customers better with an emotional approach. Finally, you can get emotional. Emotional marketing is the current marketing trend. This has a direct impact on customer loyalty. The experience with the brand remains in people's memory.

What does this mean for your company?

What does love mean for you and your brand? Do you treat customer service and the customer experience as a flirt, or do you take it seriously? If you answer yes to these questions, then see the following:

TRUE LOVE - Show it!

  • Create your own Valentine's marketing campaign and Valentine's story

  • Innovative and authentic messages capture customers attention

  • Promote discounts with e.g. 20 % or 30 % off for bookings on this day increase sales

  • Promote advantages, for example, Free Delivery for stores or if you have a restaurant Free Take -Away- Dinner for lovers make your offer attractive

  • Offer extra time - free additional overnight stay, late check-out, instant shipment within 24 hours

  • Limit your offer in time - available until for example 31.5.

  • Attention: don't spend money on decoration and postings alone. Visibility serves relationship building, brand building, and selling products. The revenue increase is the primary goal. Customers really want to book and give vouchers to loved ones. Vouchers are a good alternative. Especially for hotels, restaurants, and wellness offers while restrictions are still in place. With all love- always think about CTA ( Call To Cation).


Lufthansa offers a special Valentine's Package. Love is in the air. Dream destinations for summer together/ Book now and enjoy togetherness later 50% off.

Fabletics: Offers a San Valentine Collection. There is even someone like me, who is not on pink and pink. The new collection is fantastic! I am in love. Appealing to feelings is a marketing must in 2022.

Valentine Hotel Packages Hotel San Valentine Packages worldwide Hotel Arts Barcelona offers a romantic getaway with the upgrade, champagne, a romantic aperitif for two. Here are ideas for gifts for HER and for HIM

FROM TOP TO TOE- Multichannel!

Approach Valentine's Day - choose your social media channels. Which ones make the most sense for you and your target audience? Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter - or all together?

FOR YOU Social Media Tip

Create an appealing product

Create a series of 1-5 posts, reels, and stories

Use romantic language

Limit availability of the offer

Add the Call To Action button



You're asking yourself, should I do something on Valentine's Day? Does it matter? Then I tell you: Yes. First of all from a marketing point of view and from a customer experience point of view as well. But, and here's the thing: your brand standing has to be clear. Don't fool your customers. Pretending a big love today. Pretending a big love today. And disappear tomorrow doesn't work, not in the business world, nor it does in real life. It's all about entrepreneurial values in 2022. As a survey by WPROMOTE shows.

The topic of diversity is a good example. Especially on Valentine's Day. Many companies have integrated it as a value. But is it reflected in the marketing campaigns around Valentine's day?

Think about how you present yourself? What products do you want to offer and what your annual marketing plan looks like? Live up to your values as a brand holistically and long-term.

Contact me to create automated processes with the right customer focus all year around here.

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