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Customer Experience Trends 2023

9 trends for anyone interested in customer experience, as a compact guide in times when AI, automation and technology are making headlines.

Where is the customer experience journey headed? For the past three years, it has been a ritual to publish trends and tendencies based on studies and empirical data in my work with customers. They are intended to help you make decisions in your work.

We start a new year with a lot of uncertainty, more lows than highs, and a sense that life is changing fundamentally at lightning speed. Structures, systems and the way we live together are changing. The way we approach customers, talk to them and win them over is also changing.

It's all about human interaction. And there's no longer a distinction between personal and business. People are in the foreground.

The customer experience, every single customer moment, is more important than ever for companies and the customers themselves in times of discontinuity.

In 2023, my 9 trends are:

  1. Focus on people

  2. Holistic CX customer experience culture

  3. Humanization of digitalisation

  4. Investing in CX customer experience

  5. Anticipating customer needs

  6. Customer experience in B2B

  7. Ease of customer experience

  8. Understanding customers better

  9. Immersive customer experiences

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