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Microsoft is much more interested in supporting large companies than people

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Not a teams player. Today, you'll get 100 percent insights from a customer's perspective.

As a Microsoft customer, a customer experience expert and a human being, I am sharing my experience with the computer and software company. How you can learn from it to delight your customers.

I have been a customer since 2013. Apple user. Subscriber to a premium licensing package with all applications, applicable to MAC devices. Since the launch of Office 2013, Microsoft offers the service to individuals. Under monthly or annual subscriptions, the buyer gets the right to install the desktop software on two or five devices, as well as additional storage on OneDrive, free minutes for Skype and access to the Office Web Apps. After all, it's sold 10 million copies. So far so good.


"Only 6 percent of marketers say they have a specific view of individual customers. "*


Read on to find out how important it is to keep an eye on each individual in addition to important customers. Concrete insights show steps that effectively improve the customer experience in companies.

The customer story

I had an old license, the one from 2013. A premium package, but unsuitable for Pandemic and Corona communication. I was missing teams.

In times of remote work, this is a must-have, because communication channels are becoming more dynamic and security issues are at the top of the list in the age of digitalization. The video conferencing tool Teams, as part of the Microsoft 365 license package, is therefore the favorite of many companies.

My simple request was to add teams or change the program.

You can already see where the journey is going. It was not that simple.

Here are the key data:

  • 11 contacts

  • 4.5 hours of phone time including waiting time in queues

  • Contact with chat bots- not linked to human help

  • Online contact attempts - attempts that failed for technical reasons on the part of Microsoft.

  • A callback human assistance, which, however, did not serve the service, but the sale of the business variant only.

The most critical components of customer experience expectation*

1. Enable elegant, smooth interactions (66 percent)

2. Providing fast service (66 percent)

3. Making sure customers feel understood (65 percent)

4. Making relevant information easy to find (63 percent)

5. Be consistent and connected across all channels (63 percent)

The Learning- What can be done better?


Bots should be connected to a human agent when it can't go any further.

Amazon and Apple, for example, do this perfectly - with Microsoft I reached technical limits, it went no further. The chat bot, the website chat, the ticketing center or the service center channel - unfortunately, communication channels are not connected with each other, but run side by side. A study shows that 80 percent of customers would rather talk to a human being than to a virtual assistant, even for service requests (7 percent).

This is more likely to be the case with medium-sized companies, which have now focused on digitization, are increasingly using messenger products and have not yet fully integrated them into their operating processes. But from Microsoft? Microsoft is far behind the competition here. Unacceptable in this league- after all, we are in the Champions League.

"You've got to start with the customer experience first and work back toward technology. " Steve Jobs

In my case from Microsoft, it was impossible to trigger a so-called "ticket", i.e. a customer request crossover, from the Family Premium product to another like Business 365.

As a customer, I experienced live that channels were not connected. Silo thinking. Data was not available. For example, the person in charge of Microsoft Business did not have my customer data from the Family account, I have been a customer since 2013.

This led to endless queues, repetition of my case history and ultimately to no solution.


If you are now looking for a software solution, for example, pay attention to this aspect. To what extent is customer data available to the agent where it is needed? Keyword: Customer Journey. Is your CRM program complete, transparent, compliant with data protection laws, and integratable with the customer service center? All of this contributes to a smooth customer experience in the digital realm.


When we talk about engagement rates, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty being top priorities, this must of course also be reflected in the way we deal with the customer himself. The personal conversation, picking up on emotions, and emphatic listening are basic prerequisites for truly achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction.

In almost all 11 conversations, I had the feeling that I was the customer service representative trying to help myself, rather than the other way around. I searched in vain for warm friendliness, the trace of a service culture or customer appreciation.


"Omnis" is Latin for "all / everything" and suggested for the integration of all physical channels (offline) and digital channels (online) to provide unified customer experience.

In Microsoft's case, after hanging on hold for 45 minutes, I fatigued hung up. And if you follow me on Instagram, you saw in my story: My attempt to get information or solve my problem via Webpage also failed. Online on the webpage there were technical problems in the service area. A live chat with a person was not available. I was also not contacted via messenger. You see, there is always room for improvement and testimonials, even from a market leader, to learn from.

This example shows the importance of analyzing the customer journey. Which communication channels are best suited for your customers or target group? How do I reach the customer? Not every company has the market power and presence of Microsoft. SMEs cannot afford such a devastating customer experience. Individual subscribers count just as much as large customers. In my opinion, this is an attitude that every company should consider, including Microsoft.


Customer experience should start much earlier in the customer journey. No one has picked me up as a customer in any form since 2013, let alone proactively offered or upselling me to change packages.

"Never lose a guest"

In the 5-star world of premium hospitality, or shall I say at Ritz Carlton, there is this saying: and that is sacred. And has stood the test of time.


Microsoft's customer service is disappointing. It reflects the serious impact the lack of a customer service culture firmly embedded in the company can have on the customer's experience with the brand. Frustration, dissatisfaction, anger, helplessness.

Poor customer service leaves a bitter taste and encourages customers to switch brands at the first opportunity.

Product quality alone no longer scores in the long term. It's all about emotional experience and solutions. That's what I value. As a customer, as a consultant and as a person.


For more details the whole report on the subject to listen at :

( German languages)


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