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Get ready for time after Covid19!

How to get sales and customer confidence with process optimization and

customer focus.




Gain customer trust now ,

before your customers walk over to the competition.



  • Generate more sales and higher customer satisfaction   through creative concepts that customers now want and need in times of crisis .


  • Save your time with clear structures in the reopening phase.

  • Assure yourself of increased product and service quality that is immediately noticeable to the customer .


  • Make important decisions faster at the right time   with a sparring partner at your side with foresight in all business matters.

Inquire now and use your Tripartita Bonus valuable.

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Even if you think you can do it alone and you still have a lot of time for it.


I'm not hearing that for the first time.

Entrepreneurs think that after the initial analysis, suggestions can be implemented by their own staff. Usually only with moderate success and not with the desired results, which also reach the customer.


Amleung & Partners client made the experience taht through consistent planning and direct work with the team goals were achieved. The right focus and experienced methods

lead to success.


Adapt to crisis mode.

This also includes agile work in the team of experts to precisely analyze all customer processes from the outside along the customer journey.


Successful entrepreneurs rely on sparring partners.
This brings results, saves you time and money.
Here is an extract from customer voices

Europe's best-known sales trainer. Watch the video to the end:

Solve problem once and for all
What is the coaching like?
  • Online coaching / advice for entrepreneurs and managing directors

  • Online coaching / advice in all operational areas for your department heads

  • Crisis-induced brainstorming sessions in a team - the idea booster!

  • Innovative solutions for existing and new concepts according to the Corona regulations - adapt and rethink together

  • Upgrade your range of services - customer experiences used to be a "nice to have - now it is a must!

  • IMMEDIATE checklists for Corona-adapted processes for quality assurance

  • New crisis communication model - how to reach your customers

Your advantages
Use the time NOW.
The time after Corona will come.
The battle for the customer has already started


You save time because you can act faster. You can target and solve your problems instead of repeating them over and over again. The exchange with an experienced advisor helps you with important and complex decisions.


Thanks to your new digital products, more sales despite limited capacity utilization on site. Combining your products and services with a successful strategy digitally implemented is the right way for you.


Enthusiastic customers become your ambassadors. Satisfied customers tell good customer experiences . Particularly in times of crisis, innovative concepts and creative services are trumps. Customers in the center of corporate culture now more than ever.


More sales from customers who trust you. Right now it is important to catch your customers, reach them and communicate with you. You stay loyal, buy and book only with you!


You only save costs and gain security if you use your employees effectively . In-depth analysis of the customer journey, a new communication module and adapted processes with checklists create clarity about the framework that you and your employees now need.


Contact us and successfully overcome the crisis.

Familiar, experienced & together through crisis

I developed the brainstorming and coaching module during this time of crisis because:


I want to help entrepreneurs get their company back on its feet in the best possible and crisis-proof manner.

In the past few weeks I have noticed that even experienced entrepreneurs need support. They hesitate, are exhausted and look for orientation in the problem cloud.


As an entrepreneur, you should quickly make money again , your team should establish contact with new customers without forgetting the existing customers .

My top priority is to find the best solutions for the company in coaching as a sparring partner and confidant .


Your employees need support and clarity. An extra point that is of particular interest to you as an entrepreneur; Motivation and effective use of each individual is one of our core tasks and strengths. We are hands-on with the team, also in our digital coaching.

What is the procedure for a strategy brainstorm?



Please fill out the form so that we can understand you and your challenges.

Please pay attention to correct

Information about telephone numbers and email addresses.



In a free half-hour consultation we will certainly find the first solution ideas for you and your situation. We conduct the consultation personally and directly as an online meeting .



On the basis of this advice, we will then make you a tailor-made offer that can really solve your challenges and fits 100% to your needs .

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