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5 Tips on top rankings and positive customer ratings even in times of crisis

Brand specialists agree: winners are made in the crisis. But where do you stand with your company? Customers are even more critical in times of pandemic.

What is important to customers during Covid19?

Products and services are relentlessly assessed in customer reviews.

The needs and desires of customers have changed during the crisis. Opulent "extras" that were considered essential before the crisis are now completely irrelevant. Simple, natural, personal is what it should be now.

1. Use of valuable data

Admittedly, hygiene concepts and emergency plans left little time for customer evaluations in detail. Only really serious complaints made it into a morning meeting and thus attracted the attention of management. It's time to get out of the absolute crisis management mode and back into the customer's eyes.

Pay full attention to what your customers think, say and write about you in their reviews. The data is there. Analyze the reports and use this valuable data!

2. Reply to all comments on each channel

Striking when analyzing customer comments; answers to complaints or praise (yes, even those) are completely absent over a longer period of time from the company side.

What is not clear to many is that non-communication is also a form of communication. What is happening now is what has long been known: we are leaving a vacuum. The customer feels neither seen, let alone caught, and in case of doubt he will unfortunately decide for another provider in the future. Therefore my advice, answer a l l e customer comments - even the unpleasant ones from the Corona Summer 2020. Ho do I answer negative comments?

3. Show personality

If there is one thing we have learned from the pandemic, it is that we want to meet each other more closely on the human level today. And for one simple reason: the personal does us good. It creates closeness in times of distance and mask. What does this mean for the treatment of customer reviews? Appear as a person and not as a department without a face. Customer Service, Guest Relations, Support Center, Complaints Department, Client Care - all well and good - but who is behind it? Customers ask themselves: Who is my reference person and who answered my inquiry? Establish a personal point of reference. Very simple, just give your name. .

4. Consistency is the key to a higher ranking

For the internal organization, continuity in dealing with the ratings is really the key to a better ranking. Go from number 3 to number 1, or even improve up to 100rankings? My experience has shown, it is possible. Develop a complete process tailored to your company that includes all aspects: Analysis, response, solution finding, communication.

Important at the beginning, you work agile. New findings should be continuously incorporated into all related operational processes, such as reservation or ordering processes, check in/out, complaint management, etc. Especially in product development,

this is how it is received by the customers. And only then will their reviews score points for your company and make you the first choice!

5. Continue actively collecting feedback and taking suggestions seriously

Due to the economic crisis situation, some companies here or there got sand in the gears, also from the customer's point of view. Unfriendliness, delivery difficulties, cancellation conditions, which cause considerable frustration. What to do?

Face the comments, answer them confidently, promptly and solution-oriented and above all; take the contributions seriously. They will make a decisive contribution to how you can innovatively develop your product further. The more comments, the better. Avoidance strategy misstep. An effective feedback process in combination with digital tools will help you to collect even more customer opinions. See it as valuable information, whether criticism or praise, that makes your company better every day.


Don't forget that happy customers attract more visitors, guests and customers and generate more sales accordingly. Especially now, in these stormy times, it is worthwhile to focus on customer needs again and to ask for feedback in different ways and manage it effectively!

How to develop a successful strategy to significantly improve your customer ratings even this fall can be discussed in a free call. Make an appointment


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